Architect, graduated from FAU-USP in 1997, he studied scenography at Antunes Filho's Theater Research Center and began his performance and installation practices with the Norwegian artist Inghild Karlsen. He has been attending Evandro Carlos Jardim's engraving studio since 2010. His work is based on exploring the intersections between various artistic manifestations and has a special interest in the relationship between man and the urban environment.

This crossing of references manifests itself both in his artistic trajectory and in the projects he develops as an architect, graphic designer and set designer. Installations, travel notebooks and artist's books represent a good part of their recent production, associated with walking as aesthetic practice and researching materials and printing techniques.

In 2015 he received the ArtRio Foco Award, which allowed him to develop the In Girum Imus project and the HOFERWEG expedition. The development of these works resulted in the project Anatomy Lesson and the exhibition Dodo et Zezé.

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